The surprisingly helpful
humanoid robot

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Pepper is the world’s first social humanoid robot able to recognize
faces and basic human emotions. It has been optimized for human
interaction and is able to engage with people through conversation
and its touch screen, which enhances customers’ experience and
support speech. Companies around the world adopt Pepper as an
assistant to welcome, inform and guide visitors in an innovative way.
Pepper uses Chatbot conversational AI to set up the dialogue flow. It
uses the cognitive services; facial recognition, speech to text, text to
speech, and automatic speech recognition (ASR) for language
detection, in order to act as a Humanoid Robot.




Communico Robotics
Management System

CORMS is our robot management platform, which is the basis of our software.



The Robot

The surprisingly helpful humanoid robot.



What’s in it for you

Presents Information with
Real-Time Communication

Accurately deliver brands, products & service information. Update speech & deliver messages with real-time data.

Recommends Products &
Offers Services

Introduce relevant products & services based on preference. Provide added-value service & realize upselling, cross-selling.

Advertises & Entertains

Advertise brands & services via interactive robot games. Entertain people with the ‘worth-to-share Pepper experience’.

Reduces Costs

Reduce unnecessary costs; Improve interactions & utilization; Collect more comprehensive data.

Handles Repetitive Tasks

Never tired of repetitive tasks; Enable staff to focus on more qualitative human to human interactions.


use cases & industries


Pepper easily creates an empathetic link with travelers and guests by its eye-catching appearance, moderate size, and humanoid behavior. It triggers curiosity, attracts the undivided attention of travelers and guests, as well as creates a memorable experience and transforms travelers’ and guests’ journeys and leverages them into a new level.

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