Communico Robotics
Management System

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CORMS is our robot management platform, which is the basis of our software. Many of our apps are integrated directly into CORMS and work harmoniously in the ecosystem.

CORMS offers a variety of functionalities to manage your robot fleet, projects, and dialogues.


Main Features

Robot Fleet Management

Manage your fleet all together

  • Assign your respective projects to all your purchased robots.
  • Quickly assign a different project to your Pepper and publish it.

Create Unlimited Projects

Plan & implement your personal

Our state-of-the-art software offers the best workflow, as it enables you to create, manage, and deploy unlimited content and projects, through our easy-to-use Robot Management Platform.

Customize Dialogs

Let Pepper interacts linguistically
with your customers

Easily create various types of dialogues for wonderful communication with customers. Through proactive dialog, add questions that Pepper asks the customer first, to attract him to get closer and interact.

Standard Dialogs

Assist your robots’ basic functions
with multi-language dialogs

Maximize your robot advantages through standard dialogs that are constantly updated and directly integrated into our Robot Management Platform.

Customizable Branding

Adapt your identity through
Pepper’s customizable tablet screen

Through our software, you can easily adapt your organization identity, logo, and content to Pepper’s tablet screen. Generate various types of content that are displayed as small bubbles on the tablet screen.

User Management

Manage users through our Admin
with multi-language dialogs

Create unlimited logins for those who should have access to manage your projects, contents, and robots. Create a login for each coworker who should have access to control a robot.


Integrated Apps

Social Happiness Package App

Our Social Happiness Package consists of Games, Presentations, Dances and small behaviors to entertain customers.


Our Receptionist App is perfect for hotels, public facilities, and large companies.


Our Face Recognition App can detect faces, emotions, gender and much more.


Collect email addresses directly on the POS.

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