Communico Robot Content Management System

The software that enables users to control the robot and its content, including but not limited to, the tablet content (text, voice, images, animations and videos), responses and movements.

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A diversified range of applications brings your robot alive to deliver humanoid behavior to your customers.
Our platform enables you to control your humanoid robots without any coding efforts. Different applications let you create projects, content and dialogs, and deploy them on your robots in no time.

An intuitive engagement of a robot with people requires clear messages and consistent communication. Accordingly, we empower you by creating screens on the robot’s tablet linked with dialogs to ensure that the audience hears the message spoken by the robot while reading it at the same time.
No time will be wasted, just apply your branding choices, create your desired workflow of screens, add your content and deploy on your robot. Yes, it’s easy as it sounds!

Are you fed up with many people stepping in and asking the same question? Do you need to repeat the same answer several times?
Our dialog builder is designed to enable you to create frequently asked questions, add different alternatives to how people raise the same question and provide answers to each set.
Now, let your robot handle the repetitive time-consuming tasks, while you focus on the productive ones.

A dull robot is something intolerable!
Analytics modules have been added to report the questions that the robot fails to answer, and the most repetitive inquiries. The quality and quantity of engagement with your robot and the level of the user satisfaction will be monitored. That’s how any flaw will be manageable and be updated accordingly to improve customer experience.

Imagine that your team members are scattered everywhere, and you need them to gather in order to discuss one topic. You may need hours to get one simple task done.
To make it easier, a range of robots located in different places can be controlled with a click of a button. That is exactly what our robot management application does, as it enables you to create different content and projects, and deploy them on robots located in different places from a centralized system.

Simply your robot will move around from one place to another, promoting offers, providing information or patrolling different areas.
Localize the robot, draw a map and here you go, your robot is walking among the crowd.

Talk to your colleagues, customers, and employees remotely via audio and video conference calls.
Just install the application, dial the number and enjoy your call.








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