Finance System Benefits

for Business

With our smart features, our clients can get visibility across their organizations
and proactively address issues with automatic alerts and a single data source
for all stakeholders.

Comprehensive - User-driven - Smart

Finance System is designed to help you: Get a comprehensive solution, including
core financial management, procurement, integration, human resource management,
and payroll. Standardize, centralize, and automate business processes. Eliminate the
complexities of fragmented solutions. Integrate for better collaboration.

With our solution, keep it all under control

Get the innovative, forward-thinking technology you need to compete in a dynamic
and volatile environment with our Enterprise Financial Management solutions.
These mobile, globally enabled collaborative, and highly adaptable solutions help you
accelerate growth, while keeping costs and risks under control.

We have helped our customers to find an automated, paperless system and one
common source for all budget components; improve the quality and accuracy
of their reports and provided management with fast, easy access to information;
improve book-closing times, data integrity, and costs and compliance; as well as
implement a multi-currency, multilingual solution capable of managing a big
number of sites worldwide.

Take your business global with our integrated system:

. Finance with multi-dimension analysis on transactions
. Purchasing with multi-stages for Purchase Order
. Budget with capital planning by business intelligence
. Admin with real-time Ledger update

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