Emerging Technologies


INTDV Artifcial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) as a Service

INTDV has been developing AI and ML solutions, pioneering and advancing their
use in many industries. We help to create a predictive analysis based on changing
data and that is where machine learning is applied. We are a leader in predictive
analytics and machine learning.

Analyzing Complex Data

We use such technologies to help clients perform tasks that require intelligence
or domain expertise while supporting people responsible for complex decisions.
We deploy AI software to analyze and generate recommendations based on data
that is far too voluminous and complex for humans to digest no matter how much
manpower is assigned to them.

Why INTDV Artificial Intelligence

and Machine Learning?

INTDV helps to adopt AI for your applications and consequently
creating significant business value for your organization:

. Multiplying productivity gains by automating processes
. Powering smarter machinery, vehicles, and structures
. Enhancing customer intimacy and thereby increase
consumer demand
. Improving analysis of video and audio in real-time.

. Setting the stage for transforming business models and processes
. Increasing competitive advantage and improve efficiency
. Advancing automated interactions with customers, partners and workers

How we use INTDV AI and ML

to help you reach your objectives

Embedding Machine Learning in Our Applications

At INTDV, we are always investing in new promising areas of technologies and
machine learning is one of them. Our team has the proficiency to enrich solutions
with machine learning algorithms in a variety of industries. Solutions with the power
of machine learning help identify patterns in data and address specific changing
needs of customers without the need to change any coding or programs.
Stay ahead of the competition, by elevating your systems with machine learning
algorithms that help you deal with problems and challenges proactively not re-actively.
Materialize your wealth of big data by investing in machine learning algorithms
to make you at the forefront of your market.

Initializing AI in Your Business

We link AI initiatives to specific, well-scoped opportunities, problems, and issues to have
maximum impact. To initiate AI based automation in your business, here are a few pointers:

. We identify the problem and define where you can use AI to improve efficiency.
. We identify the data source and focus on collecting the data from the relevant touch points.
. We develop an AI-based solution to aid algorithmic decision making.
. Once developed, we implement the solution and provide the necessary training.

What Difference Does INTDV Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Make?

INTDV Artificial Intelligence makes a significant difference to your business. You will start
to see features based on AI that eliminate repetitive or mindless tasks. This means you can
expect productivity gains and much more effective competition with companies that embrace AI.

INTDV Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Applications

Machine Learning is being applied in key industries: Travel and Hospitality, Retail,
Financial Services, Manufacturing, Energy and Utilities, and Healthcare.

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