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Communico is an Omni Channel platform empowers the management of multi-channel from a centralized back end systems and enables users to execute transactions from different channels, where the user can start the transaction from a certain touch point, i.e.: Pepper Robot, and check the status of his request through a chatbot over WhatsApp for Business, fostering a personalized user experience and a humanoid interaction.

Communico is a dynamic platform used to build the dialogue flows of a specific Bot, whether it is a ChatBot for different business domains or a Robot. It is an easy to use AI conversational solution with various capabilities in dialogue building; as it encompasses the QNA maker as well as dialogue builder that enables the user to build a rich conversation through an easy-to-use UX. We offer a hybrid rule-based system merged with Deep Machine Learning to feed Communico with needed NLU (Natural Language Understanding).


Communico Roles

Build, connect, and publish the best AI-powered bot to interact with your users, using our robust machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities to make it the smartest bot available. Inspire smart chatbots for multi-channel messaging on our revolutionary platform; publish your chatbot easily to mobile devices, web apps, Robots, and chat services such as, Pepper Robot, WhatsApp for Business, Twitter, Telegram, Mobile Apps, Websites, Intranet, Microsoft Teams, Facebook Messenger, and other popular channels.


for Marketing

Reaching a high level of customer engagement on the most popular channels, where virtual agents capture leads, inform, engage, and entertain.

Marketing AI-powered Chatbots

Great advantages brought to your marketing experience through AI-powered chatbots; from customer reach, to engagement, to personalized messages and promotions.

Great Effective Channels

Building virtual agents that engage with your customers on messaging platforms place your brand in the right position to draw the attention of your users and engage with them in conversations on their preferred channels.

Magnificent Reach

Through messaging platforms, your virtual agents reach fully to your audience for all messages with relevance, personalization and engagement opportunities up to the individual customer.

Real Engagement

Intelligent chatbots can literally engage your users in conversations about your product or service. They allow you to provide information or answer questions all through conversations that engage your users.

Effective Segmentation

Communico collects insights on your audience, which gives you the ability to segment customers based on interest and other traits gathered through such conversations, to be used later on for personalized relevant messages.

Personalized Conversation

While chatbots integrate with social media, gathering data about every single person with whom they interact, Communico goes further to meet customer’s preference by tailoring the conversation based on previous interactions to provide on-point advice and recommendations.

Easy-to-use Platform for Marketers

With our visual bot builder, no programming knowledge is needed. Just focus on building great and engaging conversations, and your first conversation can be published within minutes.


for Customer Service

A smart virtual agent that gives your clients an individual, unmistakable customer service experience 24/7 on their preferred channel using their natural language.

Customers Support

Contacting a customer center is usually an unpleasant experience. Most companies suffer from high costs, inferior service, unresolved cases, long waiting times, and sometimes customers service agents that lack manners.

Today, artificial intelligence offers us a marvelous solution; virtual agents that can comprehend your customers, supply information as well as services, and perform transactions.

Customers Needs

Basically, customers get satisfied with a 24/7 service availability and feel grateful when it is presented in a personalized way and on their preferred channels. AI virtual agents fulfill such needs and help not only in offering unique customers’ experiences but also in saving enormously on customers service costs.

Empowering Real Agents

Virtual agents help to empower real agents and make them an integral part of your system. Now, humans have the time to handle more complex problems or qualified leads.

A Delightful Building Experience

Using Communico platform offers your virtual agents a quick start, through a unique AI chatbot building experience. We offer you a visual conversation builder that helps you to create immediate conversations without any previous coding knowledge.

Effective Data Center

Through your AI Chatbot conversation, you can gather information and traits about your users, analyze them, and store them in a database of audience segmentation, which gives you clear insights on your users and allows you to broadcast relevant, personalized marketing messages for them; hence, turning your customer service from a cost center to a data and profit center.


What’s in it for you

Saves Time

Chatbot provides fast, automated answers to most questions. Its usage prevents customers from waiting a day or longer to receive responses as they would have in the past.

This allows your business to serve greater numbers of people while eliminating tedious work, increasing productivity, decreasing costs, and limiting human intervention.

Saves Money

Chatbot is considered a cheaper mean, depending on the complexity needed, as it excludes extra workers.

Once created you’ll probably save in the long run; vacation time and sick days’ payments, as well as injuries on the job and medical treatments, are all gone.

Provides Greater Customer Satisfaction

Chatbot in your business gives greater customer satisfaction as it works around the clock. Customers can ask questions and get answers right away and at any time.

If they have product questions they may get the answers they need to complete sales. This can further increase your business profits.

Increases Customer Base

Chatbot may help you reach more people, which can increase your customer base.

Since Chatbots can be used in many applications you can take advantage of that to help your business grow. Chatbots can answer multiple questions at the same time as well.

Cuts Down on Errors

Humans handling customer service questions and other issues can, at any moment, make unexpected errors and show inaccuracy; they can forget things, transpose numbers, and make other types of mistakes.

Not so with Chatbot. Based on the questions asked, it will always give the right answers. Eliminating human errors makes chatbot a huge asset when used in your business.

Gives a Sense of Humor

With chatbot, we guarantee to put your customers at ease and make their experience with your business more satisfying. Chatbot can be programmed to have a bit of humor, which makes it seems more humanlike. You can add good humor and never worry about a chatbot being in a bad mood.




Chatbot is a BaaS ‘BOT as a Service’ platform that runs on MS Bot Services and latest AI Machine Learning technologies.

Multi-Lingual, empowered
by an Arabic NLP

Chatbot is Arabic Enabled with a scalable Arabic NLP (Natural Language Processing).

The Two Pillars

Chatbot is encompassing the two pillars of Dialog Builder and Knowledge Base.

APIs Reference

Chatbot has an APIs Reference opened for developers.

Easy Integration

Chatbot can be easily integrated with your back office.

Creating Webpages

We allow end users to create their own webpage through Chatbot.

Supports Omni Channels

Chatbot supports Omni Channels: Facebook Messenger, Twitter, MS Teams, Slack – with WhatsApp and Pepper uniqueness.

Easy-to-use Responsive
Workflow Engine

Chatbot platform is an easy-to-use responsive workflow engine. It facilitates the creation/maintenance of dialog flows by dialog builders from Business/Development community.


available channels

Pepper Robot




Mobile Apps



use cases & industries


Communico helps to increase efficiency across the insurance value chain in healthcare, property, casualty, and underwriting. Communico can initiate dynamic multi-turn conversations to reduce Quote completions from 72 hours to less than 10mins while reducing the number of human agents required to process the increased volumes of inquiries. Communico has the ability to analyze structured and unstructured data, reference the right policy information, access risk and then make insightful recommendations.

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