INTDV a leading Artificial intelligence Arabic chatbot company

Who are we?

INTDV is a leading Artificial Intelligence Conversational platform provider, headquartered in Riyadh with offices operating in Dubai, Qatar, and Cairo.

INTDV developed the state-of-the-art Arabic artificial intelligence conversational platforms which can be deployed on omnichannel including Digital Avatar and Humanoid Robots.

INTDV has formulated strategic partnerships with IBM, Microsoft, Google, and Softbank Robotics in the Region.

INTDV is focused on transforming the enterprise digital experience by providing an unparalleled conversational user experience to INTDV clients.


To create a more human digital AI Conversational Experience


To build the state of the art Arabic AI conversation platform

Our Team

INTDV is proud of its extraordinarily well qualified team players, who always impress clients with their dedication to work. Adding to their strong track record of achieving the best results in the market, they regionally constitute the biggest team contributing to AI/ML conversational platforms and robotics management systems.

Arabizing Your Tech

Welcome to the age of digital transformation; an age where innovative technologies are an integral part of any business module. Our primary focus is on developing diverse and unique products, which will reshape the whole industry. We believe that we can add value rather than filling any gaps and create lasting solutions for our clients and the community as a whole. INTDV has carved its way to a leading position in the creation of artificial intelligence conversational platforms. Platforms such as chatbots and virtual assistants aim to improve your customer experience. Not only do these platforms help integrate digital avatars and virtual assistants into diversified channels, they are perfectly tailored to the Arabic culture and dialogue.

INTDV mission and vision