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Who we are

INTDV is a pioneering software house utilizing emerging technologies; such as Artificial Intelligence along with Machine Learning, Business Intelligence, and Automation to drive digital transformation hand in hand with our most valuable assets, our customers. We are heading relentlessly and divining deeply into the world of Robots, and thus we employ and train the best minds in the market, to guarantee the best quality and satisfaction for our customers beyond their expectations.

Extensive Expertise

INTDV is where experts integrate business with technology and people. We are a robust developer of AI and BI solutions for businesses that play vital roles in the most important aspects of life worldwide, and a main player in the world of Bots. We have the quality, value, time, funds, and most importantly the highly certified team.


Being one of the best software companies worldwide, while providing the state-of-the-art services that transform the way businesses operate.


Creating remarkable innovations to cure gaps using emerging, cutting-edge technologies, and empower global institutions with game-changing solutions.



INTDV has originated a sturdy business entity in the MENA region and is heading relentlessly towards Europe and North America for delivering its cutting-edge products and services.


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