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We Are

Your Hub to Artificial Intelligence solutions

INTDV is an emerging technology company, headquartered in KSA. We utilize emerging technologies; such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Automation to drive digital transformation hand in hand with our most valuable assets

Our Products

Futuristic and Innovative

Communico ChatBot

A conversational artificial intelligence service allowing humans to interact with digital devices.

Communico Robot CMS

Robot Content Management System is a software enabling users to control the robot and its content.

Humanoid Robot

The world’s first social humanoid robot, which is able to recognize faces and basic human emotions.

Security Robots

The most advanced outdoor security robots in the world. They are equipped with a dual-spectral PTZ camera located on the top of the mast.

Digital Avatar

A character comes to life using animation, facial rigging and lipping, voice synthesis, and integrations with a voice bot.

Success Partners

Growth is an ongoing process by the support of our suppliers and our partners


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